“I felt the course was amazing, the LASER portfolio and the way you could access the work was excellent.”
Cathy Bruin
Laser Learner

“I am really pleased with how quickly I was able to complete my course and how my tutor helped me to do so. The personal Laser was very useful for tracking my progress and for checking what needed to be completed.”
Amber Eacock
Laser Learner

“My company has approximately 15% of it's staff undertaking learning using Laser Learning. This internet based system has been an instant success. Our learners can access training when and where they want.”
Sue Meekings
The Childcare Corporation

“I found that being able to log in from home or work to do my work was very easy and I could log on whenever and wherever I wanted. I found it very useful to track my progress and loved seeing my percentage slowly growing.”
Katy Polworth
Laser Learner

“I found the way the course is set out with the Laser easy to use and understand.”
Susan Stevens
Laser Learner

Sometimes it’s important to think outside the box to find a more effective and efficient way to do something. Laser Learning has applied this principle to create their award winning e-portfolio and online learning system called The Laser.

This website introduces you to this unique and innovative tool that has been praised by colleges, training companies and learners as providing the way forward for training in the 21st Century.

The learning programme, written by specialists in their field, provides a wealth of material that takes into consideration a learner’s preferred learning style and can be totally individualised to them.

Learners and trainers can select the most suitable materials in the programme, taking into account prior learning and the needs of the most inexperienced learners.

Tried and tested with over ten thousand learners, it has been heralded as an enormous success. Learners are afforded the flexibility to work at a time and a place that suits them and at a pace that they control. This learner-led approach meets all the criteria laid down by OfSTED in the Common Inspection Framework for Further Education and Skills.

Please browse this website and then contact us to arrange for a demonstration. You won’t be disappointed!

Laser News In Brief

New Short Courses!

In response to client demand we have added to our very popular CPD short courses. The new titles are:

New Short Course Prices!

We are pleased to announce that all courses will now be priced at £30 from 1st August. This is a permenant change.


Have you had a look at yet, at the fabulous lesson resources for the Business and Administration and Customer Services courses both delivered at level 2 and 3? Using the Laser lesson resources with your e-portfolio can greatly enhance the students learning experience and frees staff up to help those learners who need extra support or an extra challenge!

Laser Maths

A quality maths resource to aid learners and tutors. It is not for assessment and does not end with a certificate but as a tutor resource or private learning aid, particularly for those embarrassed about their level of ability in maths it is a truly excellent resource. Students can study in their own time where they feel comfortable and go over things as many time s as they feel necessary.

New Office for Laser Staff

The Laser team along with their sister businesses The childcare Company and Impact Futures now have a new home. On Wednesday 15th July we will be having an Official opening of the new office conducted by Sir Christopher Ball a long-time friend and advisor to the team.

OfSTED Approval

At a recent Ofsted inspection on one of our licensees, one of the inspectors, in the official feedback session, commented “The Laser is an excellent communication tool and adds a lot to the organisation, in Ofsted language the Laser is Outstanding”